IBM Data Suite 1

IBM Data Suite 1

IBM Data Suite 1

Client : IBM Technology

Value : £8.4m (€10m)

In January 2008 Sisk commenced the conversion of an existing production floor in building 5, IBM Campus into a tier 3 data hall together with ancillary equipment areas valued at €10m.
Although this was a standard building contract Sisk compiled the builders work, mechanical, electrical and sprinkler bills of quantities and issued same for pricing. Fees were negotiated by the client and added to the contract cost sum. We also procured all the major plant and equipment ensuring every vendor understood and accepted the client’s terms and conditions, specification and delivery schedule.
All the interface areas between one vendor and another as well as the M&E contractors were reviewed and a responsibility matrix agreed before any orders were placed to ensure no additional costs accrued from same. Using our procurement tracking schedule Sisk continually monitored the procurement of the equipment and attended any necessary factory acceptance tests.
The scope of works consisted of the following:

  1. Strip out existing manufacturing floor and enabling works to facilitate the new works associated with the new data centre.
  2. The new data centre was constructed within an existing building environment. Existing services to adjacent live offices were maintained during the project.
  3. A steel frame formed the structural support for a 2 hour fire rated envelope.
  4. A two hour rated envelope was constructed using certifiable drywall systems including a lined timber joist roof.
  5. UPS and data centre switch boards were located within separate adjacent purpose build rooms.
  6. New RC generator and fuel compound were constructed to the rear of building 5.This included security fencing, bunded wall and associated steel service gantries to facilitate the new generator services. An acoustic barrier was formed around the new generators using light weight Kingspan panels supported on a light gauge steel frame.
  7. The cooling requirements for the new data centre was provided from existing on site chillers with new chilled pipe work routed from the new data hall to existing chillers.
  8. The data hall raised access floor was formed using a heavy duty kingspan floor with integrated hot and cold aisle vents.
  9. Steel access doors were required for fire exits and equipment access.
  10. A circle lock access door provided the pedestrian security access for general access.
  11. Equipment access ramps and steps provided access to raised access floor level.
  12. Civil works associated with data cabling connectivity to existing IBM campus facilities.  

Mechanical and Electrical Installation

  1. Sprinkler System
  2. Three new  attenuated  standby  generators
  3. Main Distribution Boards
  4. UPS Systems
  5. Room Air Conditioning units (CCU’s)
  6. Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) located within data hall.
  7. New AHU’s located on the roof of building 5.
  8. Water Detection System within floor void and on the internal roof of data hall.
  9. Building Management System
  10. Data Cabling between data hall and existing IBM campus facilities.
  11. Power and Data Cabling to Servers.

IBM investment in their new data centre at Mulhuddart in Dublin is an IDA Ireland backed investment. The new centre provides a wide range of new IT services for the Irish marketplace and also acts as a global hub for delivering IBM software to customers in 84 countries.
The centre has been designed using green strategies and technology innovations to make it more energy efficient.

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