Aghada Generating Station, Cork

Aghada Generating Station, Cork

Aghada Generating Station, Cork

Client : Alstom Ireland Ltd

Value : £17.9m (€20m)

John Sisk & Son were awarded the contract from Alstom for the construction of an upgrade to the existing Aghada Generating Station site. The end client for this project was the ESB.

Track-record in energy, ability to manage large civil building projects and financial stability were all key criteria in the selection of Sisk for this project.

The project entailed the construction of a new state-of- the-art gas-fired combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant.

The project required turnkey design, procurement and construction of a single shaft combined cycle power plant, with nominal rating of 430MW representing an investment in the region of €400m. John Sisk & Son completed all of the civil building and balance of plant aspects of the project for Alstom.

The technology chosen for the proposed development has made Aghada one of the cleanest, environmentally friendly, and most efficient power plants in the World.

The development complies fully with National/EU environmental controls, including controls on greenhouse gas emissions.

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